5 Tips for Fitting in Physical Activity as a Busy Parent

Exercises routines can be a struggle for anyone, but for the busy parent, it can feel close to impossible. Wondering how you can meet your New Year’s health and fitness goals? Here are five tips to help you fit a workout into your busy schedule

  1. Early Bird Gets the Worm – For most parents, the day gets more and more hectic as it goes on. Try and get your workouts done early in the morning – before the kiddos get up.
  2. Plan, Schedule and Conquer – Because you are most likely short on time, have a workout plan ahead of time. Set a specific time in your schedule you dedicate to exercise. Treat it as an appointment that you don’t want to miss.  Need help getting started? UCHealth Medical Fitness offers a FREE Fitness Assessment and Exercise prescription every six months, so you can work with a fitness expert to create a personalized plan for you to make the most of that time.
  3. Include the Kiddos – Try to incorporate your kids into participating in exercises with you. There are fun and safe exercises that everyone can participate in, make it into a game. You are getting your exercise while also being a positive role model for your kids. A real WIN-WIN.
  4. Make it Count – Three 10-minute bouts of exercise throughout the day are shown to be just as effective as a 30-minute workout. Use your time wisely and go for a walk on your coffee break, create a circuit of strength training exercises that you can perform in those 10 minutes. Higher intensity bouts will have a greater impact although any physical activity is good physical activity.
  5. At Home Workouts are Your Friend – Your home can be your own personal gym. Body weight exercises including, squats, lunges, pushups, and planks can be done almost anywhere! Why not do them when you are in the comfort of your own home. Use your stairs as your own personal stair master, buy a set of dumbbell, a resistance band or kettle bells! Apps and YouTube videos are a great resource too.

Find a cheerleader that is on your side encouraging you. Mental barriers can be the most challenging, It is important to find things that motivate you to be physically active and reward yourself for working so hard!


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