Best Gym Near Greeley CO

best gym greeley co

If you’re looking to take charge of your fitness, developing a regular exercise routine is an excellent first step. People who go to the gym regularly find that they sleep better and have more energy – and that’s on top of the added cardiovascular and muscular benefits. However, if your crazy schedule has kept you from exercising like you’d want to for a while, then you need to find the best gym near Greeley CO. Good gyms come with a variety of equipment and flexible hours, but the best gyms have something that sets them apart – a focus on your health. At UCHealth Medical Fitness (MedFit for short), we know that most people come to us wanting to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Our main goal is to help our clients improve their health for the rest of their lives.

Fitness is constantly evolving. Talk of gains and keytones and counting macros can be a bit overwhelming at first. It’s hard enough to get into a regular fitness routine without confusing lingo or trying to keep up with evolving trends. Cardio vs. weight-training? More weight vs. longer reps? That’s where MedFit comes in. At the best gym near Greeley, CO, your transition to starting at a new gym is made smoother by guidance from our professionals. You’ll start with a personalized fitness assessment in which your current fitness level and health risks are taken into account. Then, you’ll begin your personalized exercise prescription – developed to your unique needs and designed to provide just the right amount of challenge. Once you’re adjusted to your new routine in six months, you can check-in with one of our fitness specialists to adjust your exercise prescription.

MedFit Offers:

  • On-staff personal trainers
  • Two fitness floors fully equipped with weight machines, free weights, and cardio machines, including ellipticals, upright and recumbent bikes and treadmills
  • A group exercise studio offering over 40 classes each week – Zumba, yoga, cycling, strength, barre, and more
  • A Pilates Reformer Studio with specialized Pilates equipment
  • A 3-lane lap pool
  • The only warm saltwater therapy pool in Northern Colorado
  • Weekly aqua fitness classes
  • Medical massage
  • On-site childcare

We don’t just have the nicest facility with state-of-the-art equipment – we have friendly health professionals ready to help you get started on your lifelong fitness journey. If you’re interested but afraid of committing to a membership, come try us out.

MedFit offers a 7-day complimentary trial pass. We know that after 7 days, you’ll be hooked on our personalized services, group classes, swimming pool, and more. Your health impact your entire life. It’s about more than losing those 20 pounds or how much you can deadlift. Take charge of your health by seeing the MedFit difference in action.