Best Medical Massage Near Greeley CO

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Are aches and pains keeping you from exercise and your favorite activities? If you’re suffering from chronic pain or an injury, you need the best medical massage near Greeley, CO, to get you back on your feet again. UCHealth Medical Fitness, just twenty minutes from Greeley, offers medical massage from licensed massage therapists. Their primary goal is to improve muscular conditions, enabling clients to live the active lifestyle they want.

Often, doctors recommend starting an exercise routine for those recovering from an injury or managing chronic pain. And the perfect complement to such a routine is medical massage. As you ease back into working out, you might find that your muscles react differently than before your injury or onset of pain. That’s where medical massage comes in. While also therapeutic, medical massage treats the muscles and tissues affected by injury or pain. Exercise alone after an injury can sometimes cause more or different pain, which can diminish one’s commitment to the new regimen. Increase the success of your fitness routine by treating any pain or discomfort with medical massage.

What Makes the Best Medical Massage Near Greeley CO

Medical massage is, by definition, just that – medical. Unlike traditional massage, which is designed more for relaxation, medical massage goes beneath the surface to treat the underlying issues that cause pain. Treating chronic back pain with a traditional massage might actually lead to more pain in the long run. At MedFit, we recommend exercise and nutrition plans along with medical massage to facilitate recovery from injury and management of pain.

Our licensed massage therapists at MedFit are committed to providing the best medical massage near Greeley CO. They utilize multiple different techniques to treat injury or pain, including soft tissue manipulation, neuromuscular facilitation, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscular energy techniques, PNF Stretching, and injury specific rehabilitation. With extensive training in such varied techniques, MedFit’s massage therapists are capable of treating a wide variety of injuries and pain.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, improve performance in your workouts, or help treat an injury, try the best medical massage near Greeley, CO, at UCHealth Medical Fitness. Our highly trained, licensed massage therapists will help you on your path to rehabilitation. If you’re transitioning from physical therapy to independent exercise after an injury, medical massage can help you reach your fitness goals by reducing pain and discomfort as you begin working out again. Or maybe you struggle with stiffness and soreness in your shoulders after exercise. Medical massage can reduce or eliminate that discomfort so you can challenge yourself more in each workout. Try medical massage at UCHealth Medical Fitness today.