Don’t be “next”: MedFit’s secrets to stay healthy at the gym

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By: Mira Lerner BS, CES 

During cold and flu season, when friends, neighbors, and coworkers are dropping like flies, not being the virus’s next victim is on everyone’s mind. It might seem safer to stay home from the gym, where countless people come every day, bringing all their germs with them. But did you know that in addition to all its other benefits, exercise actually boosts your immune system? Sure, taking vitamin C can help, but your daily dose of cardio and strength training could give you that extra shield you need to stay healthy this season. Read the rest of our blog post: Don’t be “next”: MedFit’s secrets to stay healthy at the gym:

We’ve collected the best ways to keep up with your workout without risking your good health.

  • Help yourself: MedFit has more than five hand sanitizer dispensers located throughout the gym. Use a pump of this after your done lifting weights or high-fiving your workout buddies.
  • Help others, too: See those green spray bottles? Use them to wipe down every piece of equipment you use. This will help keep the machines germ-free, not to mention your fellow gym-goers appreciate it.
  • Consume immune-boosting foods before or after your workout: Citrus foods are high in vitamin C, and both dark green leafy vegetables and berries have lots of antioxidants. Don’t forget to have some protein to help your muscles recover from the workout and keep yourself from getting run down.
  • Sleep: Don’t skimp out on sleep before heading to the gym. Studies show that a lack of sleep could decrease the immune system, so you want to be fully rested and ready for your workout. Eat a good meal and go to bed early if you’re feeling tired.
  • Get your sweat on in our steam room: Leave some time at the end of your workout to relax in our steam room. The moist heat can help release toxins from the body and gets the immune system ready to fend off germs.
  • Wash your hands: Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this one before, but this isn’t some old wives’ tale—it actually works. Don’t forget we have showers and towels too, if you want more than a quick hand wash.  

Turn these practices into habits to stay healthy while you’re working out this season. Remember, if you’re starting to feel sick, nothing helps more than rest. Take time off from your workout routine until you’re feeling healthy. Don’t worry, MedFit will be here waiting for you when you’re ready to come back.


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