Fit for the Slopes    

Fit for the Slopes  

From couch potato to seasoned skier, outdoor recreation season is just around the corner; are you ready? Sign up for the UCHealth Medical Fitness “Fit for the Slopes” November 18-December 23 (no class the week of Thanksgiving). Fit for the Slopes is a five-week course to prepare your body to ski strong and prevent injury. The workshop will focus on functional training and replicating the movements as if you were skiing down the slopes, such as the ski squat, downhill lunge and hamstring curl.

These exercises will strengthen your leg muscles for moguls and increase strength and stamina in your hamstrings to prevent knee injuries. While focusing on building strength, the other key components of the workshop will be improving your cardio, balance, and flexibility.

3 reasons why it is important to get your body ready for ski season:

Cardiovascular endurance

  • Improving your cardiovascular endurance prior to hitting the slopes will prevent you from wearing out too easily, being tired and wearing out your leg muscles too quickly. Focusing on interval training alternating between high-intensity activity and low-intensity recovery phases.

Strength training

  • It is important to train all of your major muscle groups from your quadriceps and calves, to your back muscles. It is necessary to incorporate total body circuit workouts into your training. Your quadriceps are a major muscle used in skiing, holding you in a position as you ski and protecting your knees. Your abs and back muscles also play a part in protecting your spine as you ski on flat surfaces/


  • Keeping your muscles and tendons flexible is important to prevent injury. Low temperatures during ski season means lack in range of motion and muscle stiffness. Developing a stretching routine prior to ski season will help with your ski performance. Avoid bouncing stretches (dynamic stretching) and instead focus on static stretching, lengthening your muscles and holding that position for 30 seconds to one minute.


These tips can keep you happy and healthy as you step out onto the slopes this season.

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