Fitness Assessments: The MedFit key to designing your perfect exercise plan

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Fitness Assessments: The MedFit key to designing your perfect exercise plan

By: Amber Rager

When it comes to planning an effective exercise routine, there is no one-size-fits all. This is why we offer a fitness assessment that takes into account your medical history, fitness level and upper and lower body strength before we even begin to design your unique workout plan.

It is very important to consider medical history in order for you to be able to exercise safely and without injury.  We can modify your workout routine to incorporate all muscle groups—even injured or affected areas—safely.  Just because you have an injury or ailment does not mean you should avoid using these areas, but you need to know how to do so without aggravating an injury or doing further damage.

Baseline testing also gives us guidance when designing your personalized exercise routine. We need to know where you are currently to know where to take your fitness goals. This also gives us a way to set quantifiable goals that we can measure to track your progress over time.

Fitness Assessments: The MedFit key to designing your perfect exercise plan

The fitness assessment isn’t a one-time deal. We offer an assessment every six months so that you can keep yourself accountable to your goals and modify your exercise prescription to keep up with your progress. During the initial assessment, set realistic goals for yourself, keep up with your workouts, retest and we’ll redesign your routine every 6 months. This is the perfect way to track your progress and give you the boost you need to keep moving forward.

Most importantly, the fitness assessment allows us to get to know you as a new or established member.  As a fitness specialist, I can help to keep you more accountable if I know your background and personal goals. It will mean more when I ask “Are you going to make it up that hike in May?” or “How many push-ups did you do this week?” than some generic small talk. These personalized questions help our members see that their goals are important, not just to them but to us as well. We take pride in the relationships that are built between our staff and members and the built-in accountability they provide.  The best part of this job is getting to share in your goals, dreams and most importantly, your achievements.

UCHealth Medical Fitness is the only gym in northern Colorado to offer free fitness assessments for its members. Join us as a member and we can help you get your health for a lifetime.

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