Get Fit for Summer 2016

Get Fit for Summer 2016

With summer just around the corner, it seems like only a few short weeks ago we turned the calendar to 2016. Perhaps those New Year’s resolutions never materialized as we had hoped including the resolution to begin a regular exercise routine. Now that we are into the routine of a new year, it is time to recommit to your health and fitness. A membership at UCHealth Medical Fitness in Windsor, CO has many benefits to help improve your fitness level and overall health, especially if you are new to exercise and want to begin an exercise program as we head into the summer months. With your membership to UCHealth Medical Fitness, you gain access to our exercise specialists for individualized attention, group exercise classes for variety and the convenience of a 5-star facility.

Schedule an appointment this summer with one of our exercise specialists to have a fitness assessment and exercise prescription. This will help establish a baseline level of fitness to compare future improvements to, set goals and also allow us to design an effective and safe exercise program for you. Take advantage of the many group exercise classes available to add some variety to your workouts. Research has shown people that participate in group exercise are more likely to enjoy their exercise and stick with it. Being in an environment where everyone is working toward physical fitness and goals can have a definite positive effect.

While many people enjoy exercise at home, I find the home environment too distracting when trying to exercise, as it seems there’s always a chore that needs to be done. Getting to the gym and away from distractions allows me to clear my mind and focus my energy on my workout. Even 30 minutes of dedicated exercise delivers strong results. The gym also comes in handy on rainy or windy days when running or biking outside isn’t as pleasant.

See you this summer at UCHealth Medical Fitness in beautiful Windsor, CO!

Dr Green

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