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Our topic of the month is “Get Fresh”. You’ll be hearing about taking advantage of fresh locally grown fruit & vegetables during the summer months and possibly refreshing your workout routine. I’d suggest getting fresh by getting outdoors this summer. While we love having you here at UCHealth Medical Fitness, working out, this summer is great to take advantage of the wonderful outdoors Colorado has to offer.dr-green

People spend a lot of time indoors every day. Many adults spend at least eight hours inside of the buildings where they work and kids often spend too much time in front of computers or the television. With all of the time spent in our homes eating, playing and sleeping, when do we take the time to enjoy the great outdoors?

“Go outside, it’s good for you,” my mother used to say to me. Maybe mom was right; being outside has a number of health benefits, like the rich Vitamin D we soak up from the sun. Twenty minutes outside is enough exposure for an average adult. If our bodies do not receive ample amounts of this sunny vitamin, we see negative effects such as seasonal depression. Studies have shown that participants who exercise outdoors feel revitalized, have increased energy levels and feel more satisfied, all while decreasing their levels of tension, depression and anger.

This summer, break up your routine by adding in outdoor activities such as a walk, run or bike ride to your your normal indoor workouts like the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike. Exercising outside can provide a great change of scenery and help you soak up some much-needed Vitamin D. Did you know that running outside can increase your work load from two to 10 percent simply through air resistance? As you transition from a walk to a run the wind resistance goes up, increasing your workload. Walking, running and biking on uneven terrain also strengthen different muscle groups and improve balance, which are key factors toward living a healthy lifestyle.

Get outside and get fresh this summer!

Dr Green



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