Group Exercise Classes Windsor

group exercise classes windsor co

Group Exercise Classes Windsor

Group exercise classes have evolved significantly over the past few decades. With so many offerings, many boutique studios have popped up around the Northern Colorado region offering yoga, barre, Pilates, and more. Variety is an important part of a successful fitness routine, but committing to a single Pilates or barre studio either means sacrificing other types of classes or spending more money at multiple studios. You need a facility with multiple group exercise classes in Windsor that won’t charge you extra for each class you take. That’s where MedFit comes in. Clients can strike the perfect balance at our facility in Windsor, Colorado. In addition to our traditional gym with treadmills, stationary bikes, and weight machines, we also offer a large variety of group fitness classes. Read more in this blog post: Group Exercise Classes Windsor.

Group Exercise Class Options in Windsor, CO

With seven different rotating strength classes, there’s plenty of options to keep you challenged at MedFit. Our B.G.L. class stands for Buns-Guns-Lungs. It’s a high-intensity class designed to help you achieve all your goals – aerobic, strength, endurance, and flexibility. If the intense circuit-style classes aren’t for you just yet, check out SculptFIT. The goal is to strengthen, tighten, and tone, and you’ll recognize most of the exercises in this class. It’s a great way to stay accountable to your personal fitness goals.

Unlike many gyms, MedFit not only has a pool but offers aquatic fitness classes for exercise that’s easier on the joints. If it’s an aerobic workout you’re looking for, try AquaFIT or Aqua Wave. These two levels of aerobic fitness will help improve your cardiovascular health in a fun way. Maybe you just love swimming but want some extra guidance? Then our SwimFIT class is for you. Our clients like the community aspect of the class and the extra challenge our master swim instructor provides.

Group Exercise Classes Windsor

If you want a strong cardio workout but get bored on the treadmill, there are eight great cardio classes you can take with friends at MedFit. Our three different Zumba classes are a favorite among our clients. Turn your dance parties up a notch with this interval training class inspired by Latin dance rhythms. Our cycling class, CycleFIT, is another excellent way to get your cardio workout in. It’s the perfect class for those who like to bike and want the structure of a class with an instructor to keep you accountable.

There’s truly something for everyone in MedFit’s exercise classes – from yoga and barre to strength and cardio training and from low-impact to high-intensity classes. The schedule is arranged to accommodate a variety of needs and schedules, and each class is included in the cost of membership. Stop by UCHealth Medical Fitness and try our group exercise classes today.