Healing the Body with Warm Water Therapy

Swimming pools may be synonymous with summer fun but did you know that pools can be used for rehabilitation purposes as well? Warm water is a modality that has been used since ancient times and has been proven to aid in relieving joint and muscle pain. Healing the body with warm water therapy has many benefits. Warm water increases circulation, which results in a decrease in swelling and muscle inflammation that can occur from injuries or daily stress.

What other benefits are there to healing the body with warm water therapy?

Warm water can also be used as a form of light exercise. Moving through water has a lower impact on the bodies’ joints. It also allows users to stretch different muscles at different angles to reduce muscle strain. 

Performing these movements aids in rehabilitating injuries by repeating movements with slight resistance and ultimately building muscle memory.

It is crucial to find a pool that is explicitly designed to aid in therapeutic uses to maximize the warm water. It is best to have water that is anywhere between 87-95 degrees. A water temperature any higher has the potential to increase the likelihood of cardiovascular issues and bodily shock.

UCHealth Medical Fitness in Windsor, CO offers a warm water therapy pool with a variety of classes to take such as Aqua Wave Water Aerobics and Ai Chi. The temperature ranges between 90-95 degrees. UCHealth Medical Fitness is 15 minutes away from Greeley, Johnstown, Milliken and Loveland, and 25 minutes from Fort Collins.

Want to learn more about how warm water therapy can work for you? Contact us today and our team will help you figure out the right class for your needs.

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