#IAmMedFit – Brandon Holt’s Story

By Linda DuVal

When his old gym closed, Brandon Holt went looking for a new place to
work out.

“I did a few trial memberships at a few other gyms, and this one
seemed like the right fit,” he said of the UCHealth Medical Fitness
facility in Windsor.

“At my last gym, I liked the open space. The other gyms here are small
and crowded. But this gym was open, with different floors and different
areas for each thing, so it never seems crowded. You can find a place to
have your own space.”

He also appreciated that it was clean and that it had a lot more staff
than other gyms “and they were friendly and helpful.”

The move changed his life – at least his workout life.

“When I came from the other gym, I was doing a lot of power-lifting,
dead-lifting, snatches, things like that. When I came here, I started out
that way but then somewhere along the way, I got bored, so I started
asking the staff about what kind of classes they had.”

Now he goes to the Mighty Body class and the instructor helped him
“work through the heavy-lifting thing and more into flexibility – you are
only as strong as you are flexible, they said,” he added.

He had been having a lot of pain in his lower back, shoulders and knees
when doing heavy lifting. The staff helped him change his attitude. One
of them had run the Boston Marathon, and that inspired him to start
training for his own marathon.

Although the gym does not have a track, the staff showed him how to
do “water running” in the pool to help him train.

“I like to run, so I’m trying to run my first marathon this year,” Holt
said. “I’ve done a lot of athletic things in the past but not on any teams
since high school.” There, he played football, lacrosse and track.
Outside of the gym, he also hikes and camps, enjoys big-game hunting
and snowmobiling, and also does some wake-surfing.

“All of these are physically demanding activities that I have improved
on since becoming part of the MedFit program,” he said.

The biggest change for him, he added, is that he has a “healthier
approach to fitness now.”

The former U.S. Marine, Holt, 26, always focused on “pushing through
the pain.” Now, he focuses on understanding the pain, and finding
healthier ways to stay fit.

The staff is always there with suggestions, advice and ideas to help him
find his fitness niche, Holt said.

“I’m not that old, but sometimes my body feels older than it should,”
he said. His new approach seems to be paying off in that he feels fitter
but is not hurting in the process.

“I feel like my body is in a much better place than it was a few years
ago—much healthier.”