#IAmMedFit – Dawn Stotlar’s Story

By Linda DuVal

When she met her husband five years ago, Dawn Stotlar wanted to help him get
in shape. He was an ex-football player who had developed type 2 diabetes and
heart issues. The first Christmas they were together, she gave him a lifetime
membership to UCHealth Medical Fitness in Windsor. And she tagged

“We’ve gone every morning for the past five years. He wouldn’t have gone if he
hadn’t met me. As an ex-football player, he was tired of working out.”

But with his health issues, “it became even more important than ever before,”
she said. And not just for him.

“I’ve always liked working out,” but it wasn’t until she went kayaking and
“couldn’t get myself out of the darn boat” that she realized her own strength was
declining. “I crawled out of there like an old grandma, so when this program
came along in January, I thought this was the time.”

The program?

MedFit was offering the FITbody 12-Week Challenge. She signed up.

“You meet with a trainer and get on an in-body scan machine, which is quite
remarkable,” she said. “It gives you such a complete evaluation of your inner
strength, right side versus left side, water weight, BMI, everything.”

She learned how many calories she should eat each day based on her personal
information and activity level.

Once you get all that information, you meet with a trainer and decide on a
protocol for achieving your goals, she said. They explained what exercises she
needed to do and how to do them. They even offered a nutrition plan, “but since I was
already following my husband’s diabetic diet, they said it was OK to do that

The program was fun, with silly names like “Oh, My Quad” and “Happy New Rear”
for the exercises.

“It never got boring,” Stotlar said. “There were always trainers around so I did
them right and there was lots of support.”

At the end of 12 weeks, she did the in-body scan again and her overall
improvement score was nine percent. She lost 10 pounds “but it seems like more”
and she “threw away all my extra-large clothes,” she said. At age 62, she feels like
that’s quite an accomplishment.

“I have decreased in size. For some people that might not be a big deal, but it was
for me,” she added.

Besides the 12-week challenge, she does the BGL (buns, guns and lungs) class.

“The first week I came out of there ready to throw up and now I feel really good
about it,” she said. She also does the CoreFit class.

“The classes are fun because you meet people and everyone encourages you and
you have close contact with the trainers,” she added.

She highly recommends the 12-week FITbody challenge.

“I used to be a school principal, so I’m used to spreading the word about good
things.” Stotlar said.

And why not?

“I have more energy, so when we have more energy, we have a better outlook on
everything. And I’m healthier, taking care of what I’ve got.”