#IAmMedFit – Kayla and Jake Hyland’s Story

By Linda DuVal

It can be hard to get to the gym when you have an active toddler. Many gyms
don’t offer child care.

But the UCHealth Medical Fitness gym does.

That’s what drew Kayla and Jake Hyland to it a year or so ago when they moved to
Windsor. The busy parents of a little girl, Raygen, 21 months old, knew it had to
be close to home, too.

“I grew up here and when we moved back, we went looking for a place to work
out,” said Jake, a former college athlete for whom exercise is an integral part of
his life. He played baseball for Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction.

“I wanted to stay in shape,” he said.

Jake mostly does cardio workouts and weights, with quite a bit of running thrown

“I am training for a triathlon – run, bike and swim – and I appreciate the fact that I
can do all three in one location in the winter so it’s a one-stop shop,” he said.

Kayla has always liked going to the gym and played sports in high school – mostly
volleyball, basketball and track. Then, when she went to nursing school, she
worked out to relieve stress.

Now she enjoys going to the gym. It is part of her routine, and she likes to stay fit.

“It seems like I lost all my muscle tone while I was pregnant,” she said. “When we
moved back here, it seemed like the perfect time to get back into shape.”

She mainly uses the treadmill and participates in a number of the classes offered
at the gym. And she’s been eyeing the pool, with its swim classes. When Raygen is
old enough, she’ll enroll her in swim lessons.

As a part-time emergency room nurse, she appreciates the fact that the classes
are offered at enough times that she can make the ones she likes.

“I’ve never done any of the classes,” Jake said. “One of these days, I’ll join my wife
in one.”

They both appreciate the nursery.

“We love the ladies there!” Kayla said.

They also like the fact that the gym is spacious enough that it never seems
overcrowded and that they never have to wait for machines. And they like the
friendliness and the family atmosphere.

“We walk in and they know our names,” Jake said.

The fact that the gym is within walking distance of their house leaves them with
no excuses for not going.

“You don’t have to drive 20 minutes to get there,” Jake said. “We can see it out
our back door and it stares right back at you. It’s a good reminder.”