#IAmMedFit – Kelly Churchill’s Story

By Linda DuVal

Kelly Churchill loves swimming. So when she was going to swim classes at
UCHealth Medical Fitness in Windsor several years ago, she saw a promotion for
their Fall into Fitness program.

She decided to give it a shot.

“The deal was, you paid to do the trial period and if you decided to join, they took
that fee off your membership fee,” she said.

During that trial period, she admits she didn’t try a lot of new things at first.
Eventually, though, she began to take advantage of their other offerings – the
weights, fitness machines and classes. She tried the treadmills and the stationary
bike. Then she signed up for the BGL (buns, guns and lungs) class and loved it.

“It’s great!” she said.

The class is free with membership.

“At first, I was just sampling,” she admitted. She didn’t have a specific goal.

“I just turned 53 and I hadn’t been very physically active since high school. I had
my first and only child when I was 40 and decided if I was going to be around for
him, I should take better care of myself.”

She had a treadmill in her basement but she didn’t use it very much.

So when she started going to MedFit with a friend, it gave her the incentive to go
work out. They meet most mornings at 5 a.m., when the facility opens.

“I just wanted to do something where I was moving,” she said. She has tried
various classes and challenges and they have expanded her repertoire of what she
might do each day.

Eventually, her goals evolved.

“I wanted to lose weight, be in better shape, all of that,” and she has achieved
those goals – weight loss, better muscle tone and better overall fitness.

“And I just felt better,” Churchill said. “On the days I don’t go, I feel more sluggish.
It does give me more energy.

“I know my body is in much better shape now. It has happened over a period of
time, but I look at old pictures of me and I know I look a lot better than I used to.”