Medical Fitness Week

Medical Fitness Week

Are you looking to recommit to your physical fitness? We get it – life can be chaotic and stressful. During those times, we often put our own physical needs on the back burner. If you’re looking to reinvest in your fitness or simply increase your daily physical activity, UCHealth Medical Fitness has the perfect opportunity for you: Medical Fitness Week. From May 6 – 12, UCHealth Medical Fitness is teaming up with other centers from around the country through the Medical Fitness Association’s event. Learn more about Medical Fitness Week and how you can get involved below.

Medical Fitness Week at MedFit in Windsor, CO

Who: The entire MedFit community. All our members are welcome to participate. Members of other medical fitness centers across the country will be participating.

What: Medical Fitness Week encourages healthy physical activity for all age and skill levels. There are two programs to participate in – MOVE150 and WALK10K. The goal of MOVE150 is for participants to spend 150 minutes – or 2.5 hours – exercising each week. “Move” is the key word here, and it can mean anything from a spin class to a few laps in the pool. Anyone can participate in MOVE150 by just getting up and moving during the day! If you want to start walking more or enjoy going for walks, WALK10K is the program for you. Simply pick up a pedometer and start walking.

When: May 6 – 12, 2019

Where: MedFit and the surrounding community. With so many offerings at our facilities, there are many ways to take place in MOVE150 and WALK10K at MedFit. WALK10K is a great program because of its flexibility. You can walk just about anywhere – around the neighborhood in the morning or outside during your lunch break.

Why: Medical Fitness Week is a great way to kickstart or renew your commitment to fitness. For many people, the community aspect of participating in a challenge provides the accountability they need to keep going. These programs are just the beginning. The goal of Medical Fitness Week is to encourage healthy activity habits that last beyond one week. Plus, it’s a lot of fun. You will have the opportunity to win prizes for meeting your goal. MedFit will also be competing against other medical fitness centers. Every member’s participation counts!

Are you ready to make your fitness a priority again? Medical Fitness Week is coming up quickly. During this week especially, you can explore all the great offerings at MedFit. If you’re normally into yoga, maybe try a spin class. If you can be found hitting the weights, try swimming some laps. There are so many different things to try at MedFit.