Medical Massage: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

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Medical massage is a great treatment option to incorporate into your long term nutrition and wellness plan. For some patients, it can be just as important as exercising regularly and eating healthy. This type of treatment harnesses all the benefits of traditional massage while incorporating techniques to treat muscle and joint pain from injury. Medical massage is a results-driven treatment, so being consistent with sessions is important to see the best outcome.

What are the core differences between medical and traditional massage?

At its core, medical massage focuses on treating or “problem-solving” a specific injury, stress point, or area of discomfort. Traditional massage treatments you might find at a spa are more focused on relaxation and stress-relieving than “fixing” a specific area.

What are the benefits of medical massage?

Medical massage treatments have many benefits aside from relieving a problem area or injury. This treatment also can improve your circulation, release endorphins, increase joint flexibility, and relax overused muscles to name a few. Consistently relieving muscles of chronic pain not only helps with pain management, but it can help rehabilitate the body from musculoskeletal injuries.

Watch as our staff medical masseuse, Valerie Webb, LMT, CMLDT, dives into what medical massage is and what the long term benefits are.

How is UCHealth Medical Fitness different?

UCHealth Medical Fitness (MedFit for short) aims to promote an active, healthy lifestyle for those in the Windsor and surrounding communities. MedFit strives to prevent and lower the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as to help those recovering from illness or injury. As a medical fitness center, MedFit identifies and utilizes a person’s unique medical profile to design a safe, medically supervised fitness program as a necessary component to achieve optimum health, prevent and treat disease and/or injury.

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