Fitness Yoga

Demystify yoga with this hybrid class that demonstrates practical, user-friendly variations and progressions. Using weights and bands for all poses, this class is doable at all skill levels. This mind-body experience blends balance, strength, flexibility and power into one fun format. Check out the Fitness Yoga class profile below to learn more about what to expect.

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Fitness Yoga Profile

Class Description

Fitness Yoga is a hybrid class that combines the balance and flexibility aspects of yoga with the strength and power aspects of a strengthening class. By demonstrating practical, user-friendly variations and progressions for all poses, this class is a great option for individuals at any fitness level.

Recommended Skill Level

Beginner to advanced. The relaxed pace of this class gives beginners time to learn new poses and follow along while encouraging more advanced clients to challenge themselves and their bodies once they’re comfortable with the poses.

Class Type

Mind-body: Our mind-body classes are specifically formatted to integrate a great physical workout with a relaxing experience. In this class, you’ll become more mentally in-tune with your body and its needs as you go through the various progressions.

Class Breakdown

MedFit’s highly trained instructors clearly demonstrate each pose and explain how the individual poses fit into the larger progressions. Beginners are encouraged to follow the basic poses, and more advanced clients can try out different variations to challenge themselves. The instructor also provides optional modifications for individuals who struggle with the poses due to an injury or chronic condition.

Fitness Yoga is not your traditional yoga class. While the basis for the class comes directly from yoga traditions, hand weights and resistance bands are incorporated throughout the class. This extra challenge is both a strengthening and endurance-building tool.

Class Benefits

The benefits of Fitness Yoga include those benefits of traditional yoga as well as some added benefits from the class’s hybrid structure. Clients find that their flexibility and balance improve with this class, and many leave classes feeling less stress as a result of the mental relaxation. The use of resistance bands and hand weights also increases core strength, power, and endurance levels.

Why Fitness Yoga?

At UCHealth Medical Fitness, our goal is to help you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle and decrease your risk of developing a chronic disease. The mind-body experience in Fitness Yoga makes it a beneficial class for a wide range of people. Those who have to sit for long periods of time during the workday can expect increased comfort throughout the day and diminished back and abdominal fatigue from Fitness Yoga. Clients with particularly stressful work lives can benefit by decreased stress levels. Moms and caregivers who spend the day chasing after young children will find they can keep up with such a fast-paced day better with enhanced endurance and flexibility.

Class Schedule

Fitness Yoga is offered once to twice a week. For more information, check out our current schedule of classes.