Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a traditional, low-intensity yoga class. Read the class profile below to discover more about Gentle Yoga.

Here is the current schedule for this class:

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Gentle Yoga
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  • Gentle Yoga
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  • Gentle Yoga
    10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Gentle Yoga Profile

gentle yogaClass Description

Gentle Yoga improves flexibility and promotes relaxation. Unlike our higher level yoga classes, Gentle Yoga is a low-intensity class. The moderate pace makes it easy to follow, especially for those not familiar with yoga.

Recommended Skill Level

Beginner. Although all skill levels are always welcome, this class is most beneficial for beginners or others who want a deeper yoga stretch. Intermediate to advanced individuals will find more of a challenge in Fitness Yoga and Yoga Flow 2.

Class Type

Mind-body: At UCHealth Medical Fitness, mind-body classes live up to their name and place equal emphasis on physical and mental aspects. In Gentle Yoga, you’ll find a relaxing class that also challenges you physically.

Class Breakdown

Gentle Yoga is a slow moving yoga class that combines the physical exercise of yoga with the mental relaxation. Unlike many high-intensity yoga classes, Gentle Yoga is an easy-to-follow class popular with beginners. Our instructors demonstrate and teach each pose for the entire class and offer modifications to make all poses accessible. If you have a chronic condition or injury that makes a certain pose difficult, the instructor can help you find a modification that gives you maximum benefit while still protecting the sensitive area.

The various poses are strung together into progressions that encourage deep flexibility and seamless movement. However, Gentle Yoga goes at a slower pace than other classes, such as Yoga Flow, giving you plenty of time to hold and master each pose before moving onto the next one. Because of its pace, Gentle Yoga is a great option if you’re new to yoga and or want a deeper practice.

Class Benefits

Gentle Yoga’s biggest benefit is the state of relaxation you’ll achieve in class, reducing stress levels and preparing you to face anything your day might throw at you. Managing stress levels is a key part of preventing and managing chronic disease. The relaxing environment in Gentle Yoga is beneficial for many different people.

Individuals who take Gentle Yoga will also notice increased flexibility, which is helpful for daily tasks as simple as bending over to pick something up or reaching for an item on the top shelf.

Why Gentle Yoga?

At MedFit, our goal is to prevent and decrease the risks of chronic conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. Managing stress levels is an important part of one’s overall health that often goes overlooked in our ever-busy and demanding world. Taking the time to check in with your body and relax during a Gentle Yoga class is beneficial, especially if you are already managing a chronic disease like high blood pressure or at high risk of developing one. If you find that your muscles are becoming less flexible and stiffer as you age, Gentle Yoga is a great option for you. The low-intensity, relaxing nature of the class improves flexibility at a natural pace that is easy to follow instead of overwhelming. This class is also a great way to shake up your fitness routine or cool down after a high-intensity workout, and, as always, it’s included in the cost of membership.

Class Schedule

Gentle Yoga classes are taught once to twice a week. For more specific times, see our current schedule of classes.