Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow Class Windsor Colorado - Yoga ClassThis Yoga class connects breath and posture to create a flow. Deepen your yoga practice while building strength, improving balance and elongating muscles to increase endurance and flexibility.

I really enjoy the Yoga classes! My body profits a lot from this style of exercise!                                                                                         -testimonial from MedFit member

Here’s our current schedule for this class:

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Yoga Flow
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  • Yoga Flow
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  • Yoga Flow
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Yoga Flow

Achieve a state of balance and flow with your body in Yoga Flow. Read the class profile to see if Yoga Flow is the kind of class you’re looking for.

Class Description
A more traditional yoga class, Yoga Flow focuses on the connection of breath and posture to achieve flow. The instructor takes the class through a progression of poses designed to improve strength and flexibility.

Recommended Skill Level
Beginner to advanced. There are two levels of Yoga Flow so that yogis of all levels can benefit. Yoga Flow 1 is designed for beginners looking to learn the progressions and poses. Yoga Flow 2 is for intermediate to advanced individuals who are looking to perfect the poses and try more advanced poses.

Class Type
Mind-body: The purpose of our mind-body classes is to unite the physical and mental aspects of exercise for a truly integrated class experience. In working to find flow in this class, most participants become more aware of their bodies as a unit and their connection with the surrounding environment.

Class Breakdown
This class starts with connection to the breath and slowly introduces movement to warm up the body. Movements and yoga poses increase in pace and intensity throughout class. The practice of yoga flow maintains fluid movement and focus on the breath in connection with the various progressive poses. The instructors lead the class through the progressions, designed to enhance both strength and flexibility, with frequent reminders to check in with the breath.

As you hold each pose, you’ll notice your muscle groups working in different ways, some stretching, others stabilizing; some releasing, others working. By centering yourself with the breath, you’ll discover heightened awareness and an ease of movement from one pose to the next.

Class Benefits
Class benefits both physical and psychological health. As you work toward achieving flow, you’ll find yourself completely absorbed in the task at hand – which leads to a reduction in stress and tension. Some of the many benefits include more efficient breathing, improved flexibility and strength, and a reduction in stress levels – which is beneficial both mentally and physically.

Why Yoga Flow?
It’s an excellent option for those who like traditional yoga classes. Everyone can benefit from mindfulness and decreased stress levels, which is what makes this class such a great option for a wide variety of people. Yoga Flow is a great mental break from the stresses and distractions of daily life – an hour of “me time” to really do something beneficial for your physical and mental health. If flexibility is something you struggle with, this class is a great option, especially as wear and tear on the body increases with age. You’ll feel not only physically stronger and more flexible but mentally sharper. You might even find that your work improves as you’re able to focus better. And at MedFit, all classes are included in your membership, so you can enjoy Yoga Flow as often as you’d like.

Class Schedule
The class schedule is offered throughout the week. For more information, check out our current schedule of classes above.