Clinical Wellness

Clinical Wellness

The clinical wellness programs offered here at UCHealth Medical Fitness are truly what sets us apart from other exercise facilities. MedFit specializes in developing clinical based wellness programs that are outcome driven and geared specifically towards the patient and their current health challenges.

Fall Prevention Balance Screenings

Maintaining balance and mobility is essential, especially as we age. MedFit offers a 30-minute individual consultation to access your risk for falls through a series of balance specific testing. Using the results of these tests, we then provide you with specific exercises that can be done either at the gym or at home to help strengthen and reduce your risk of falling.

Supervised Therapeutic Exercise Program (STEP)

Clinical WellnessUCHealth Medical Fitness offers a small group, supervised exercise program that provides preventive and therapeutic services to help with chronic disease management. These chronic diseases include but are not limited to: cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic (thyroid, diabetes,) or musculoskeletal conditions such as low back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

Through exercise therapy, education and referral to support services, participants will achieve improved function, fitness and cardiopulmonary health. Classes include aquatics, aerobics, strength, flexibility and balance training. As a member, you will receive information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing risk factors. Ask your physician if this may be the right program for you, or speak with one of our fitness specialists for more details at 970.674.6505.

A physician referral is required to start this clinical wellness program.

Cancer Related Fatigue Program (CRF)

This program is designed for patients currently in or finished with cancer treatment. Clients are evaluated by a physical therapist and receive an individualized exercise program that includes both cardiovascular and strength training. These are small group classes supervised by a certified cancer rehab exercise therapist.

The benefits? Decreased fatigue, improved chemotherapy completion rates, improved mood and appetite and increased cardiovascular efficiency.

You may wonder if you can exercise during your cancer treatment. Yes; with a few modifications, exercise is safe during chemotherapy or radiation. To find out more about the program contact 970.674.6505 to speak to one of our fitness specialists.