Medical Massage

Medical MassageMassage is an excellent complement to exercise and nutrition as a pathway for living a healthy lifestyle. UCHealth Medical Fitness prides itself on offering quality medical massage services that take your wellness to a new level.

Medical massage is outcome driven, providing an elevated level of therapy geared towards improving muscular conditions through treatment and management. In addition to the already extensive mind and body benefits of massage, this therapeutic approach uses a variety of modalities and techniques to treat the particular areas of a person’s body suffering from injury or pain.

Whether you are experiencing discomfort or seeking stress management and relaxation, our therapist has the tools to provide you with an exceptional experience.

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Meet Our Therapist

Valerie Webb, LMT, CMLDT

Val has been a Registered Massage Therapist since June 2006. She specializes in neuromuscular and deep tissue bodywork, including soft tissue manipulation, myofacial release, muscular energy techniques, injury specific rehabilitation and resistance/relaxation stretches.

Val graduated with honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy’s 1,000 hour certification program. She has extensive coursework in neuromuscular, deep tissues and sports techniques.

In addition to that, she has experience in Swedish therapeutic and Zen Shiatsu massage. Val spent an additional 200 hours in her coursework focusing on Master Bodyworker for Orthopedic and Sports Massage in the Advanced Bodywork Studies Program.

She is also certified in Manual Lymph drainage from Klose Training, based on the internationally recognized Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage protocol and techniques.

Val’s philosophy is to help clients benefit from the positive effects of therapeutic massage as it fits into their personal, competitive or comprehensive rehabilitation programs. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and specialized healing techniques with each client. One of her primary goals is to help her clients reduce stress and tension, promote relaxation, ease chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries.

She believes in the healing power of therapeutic massage for her client’s emotions, attitude and mental clarity when faced with life’s challenges and everyday events.

“Val is the BEST! She listens with her ears and her hands. The benefits of a medial massage over a spa service is night and day and she delivers in spades! I would be lost without her knowledge, skills and talent.”  – Testimonial from MedFit Member


Single Sessions:

  • 30 Minutes – $40
  • 60 Minutes – $75
  • 90 Minutes – $100
  • 120 Minutes – $125

4 Session Packages*:

  • 30 Minutes – $152
  • 60 Minutes – $285
  • 90 Minutes – $380
  • 120 Minutes – $475

*Package pricing reflects a 5% savings