Have Your Beer and Drink It Too: How to Stay Healthy During Patio Season

stay healthy patio season

Summer is here, which means it’s also patio season! Who doesn’t love hanging out at their favorite brewery while enjoying an ice-cold beer?

With the summertime season and the ample opportunities to consume alcohol, how does one stay healthy during summer?

Here are some things to keep in mind so you can stay healthy during patio season and stick to your healthy habits while enjoying the many breweries Northern Colorado has to offer.


Everything in moderation.

They say that anyone can enjoy anything without guilt as long as it’s in moderation. This is the key to staying healthy while soaking up the sun with friends over beers this summer.

Be conscious about which beers you select and make sure you are listening to your body when you think you might have had a few too many. Maybe instead of drinking heavy IPAs all summer long, you mix in a lighter beer here and there. Too much of a good thing could have adverse effects.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Drinking an adequate amount of water each day may be crucial during the summer, but it’s especially essential when drinking beer as well. This goes without saying, but beer should never be a substitute for water.

Drinking plenty of water will not only prevent a hangover but will help you pace your buzz so you don’t overdo it while checking out a new brewery with friends. Alternate every beer with a glass of water to ensure proper hydration and reduce your chance of feeling hungover the next day.

Provide yourself with healthy food options.

Typical brewery food is full of sodium and lacks healthy nutrients. However, most breweries that do not have an operational kitchen will allow their patrons to bring their own food.

Set yourself up for success with a healthy snack or meal. Bring fresh fruit and veggies or a salad with you. You’ll be happy you stuck to your healthy eating regimen and will save money by not purchasing food while out.


Balance your activity and drinks.

If you are planning a trip to the brewery, extend your run or bike ride in the morning or take an extra-long walk in the evening after. The outdoor areas at breweries usually have plenty of room to walk while you enjoy your beer as well.

If you did have one too many at the brewery, there’s nothing like sweating out the toxins with a solid workout the morning after a fun night out. You’ll feel better physically and mentally knowing that you are taking care of your body.


It is possible to balance your love of beer with proper hydration, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle. Knowing how your body reacts to beer and how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle will help you enjoy your summer patio time even more!


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