Stimulating the Mind and Body: Understanding the Benefits of the Pilates Method

Stimulating the Mind and Body: Understanding the Benefits of the Pilates Method

STOTT PILATES® is a mind-body approach to exercise that uses precise movements to help reshape muscles, increase body awareness and boost energy while improving the ability to cope with stress.

The Pilates Method-which involves “three dimensional” exercise that are performed using all planes of motion- is effective in improving balance and flexibility, enhancing athletic performance, and building core strength and stability. It can also correct over-training and muscle imbalances that can lead to injury. The Pilates Method works the entire body, from the deep muscles of the core that support the spine to sculpting beautiful arms, legs and booty.

In addition to the extensive physical benefits, Pilates also contributes to improved memory and increased happiness and creativity, according to research reported in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health. Pilates encourages mindfulness by focusing attention on specific muscles during each movement. Some of the benefits of practicing this type of mindfulness include relief of anxiety, treatment of insomnia and sharpening of the mind. Pilates teaches breathing regulation, which, in a study conducted by Psychology Today, proved to be imperative in controlling emotions. Implementing active breathing and mindfulness techniques through Pilates is proven to help relieve stress, calm the mind, and promote overall wellness.

Proven health benefits of Pilates:

›   Builds core strength and stability

›   Improves posture and alignment

›   Increases flexibility, balance and coordination

›   Prevents injury and heightens body awareness

›   Enhances athletic performance

›   Relieves stress and back pain

›   Improves memory and brain functions

›   Increases happiness and creativity

Want to experience the benefits of Pilates for yourself? Join our Pilates Reformer class to learn the fundamentals of the Reformer and Pilates Method while building long and lean muscles. In this small group class, students will expand on the beginning Pilates repertoire, adding exercises that require stamina, focus and coordination. The Reformer class covers basic to multi-level exercises, focusing on proper coordination, breathing, movement, as well as pelvic and spinal alignment with modifications based on skill level. Call 970-674-6500 or visit the front desk to learn more.