The exercise cost of your favorite Valentine’s Day treats

The exercise cost of your favorite Valentine’s Day treats

Have you ever wondered how much exercise you would need to do to make up for those Valentine’s Day treats we all love so much? We’ve broken down the calorie count and active time needed to burn off some of your favorite heart-shaped sweets—the results will shock you!

(These calculations were done with body weight equaling 150lbs.)



  • One Panera heart cookie = 420 Calories 38 minutes of running (6 mph)
  • One frosted Pillsbury funfetti cupcake = 200 Calories 25 minutes on the stationary bike
  • One Reese’s peanut butter heart = 170 Calories 21 minutes of rowing
  • One bag Jelly Belly Valentine mix (1.5 oz) = 160 Calories 15 minutes of jumping rope
  • One chocolate covered strawberry = 140 Calories 10 minutes on stair climber
  • One M&M’s Valentine fun-size pack = 140 Calories 13 minutes of running (6 mph)
  • One Pillsbury Valentine sugar cookie = 60 Calories 20 minutes of yoga
  • One chocolate covered cherry = 48 Calories 6 minutes of swimming
  • One Snickers Valentine mini = 33 Calories 8 minutes of jumping jacks
  • Brach’s Conversation Heart Candies (1 piece) = 5 Calories 1.5 minutes of walking (2.5 mph)

We’re not saying to not to celebrate this year, but it’s good to keep in mind the real cost of these seemingly small indulgences. When you treat yourself or your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, consider also making a date to the gym to work it off together—nothing says “forever” like taking care of your health!

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