The Medical Fitness Difference

The Medical Fitness Difference

The Medical Fitness Difference

Later this month, UCHealth will be recognizing Medical Fitness Week, April 24-29. The goal of this annual initiative is to promote physical activity and highlight the key principles of medical fitness and the difference it makes. Patients and physicians alike, often ask what distinguishes such facilities from other gyms.

UCHealth Medical Fitness aims to promote active, healthy lifestyles to help lower the risk of developing chronic diseases. It includes diseases such as diabetes and heart disease as well as to help recover from illness or injury. A medical fitness center identifies and utilizes a person’s unique medical profile. It then designs a safe, medically supervised fitness program as a necessary component to achieve optimum health, prevent and treat disease and/or injury.

Members might be anyone in the community wanting to increase their overall fitness level. It could be someone with known heart problems, an executive with high blood pressure, a grandmother or grandfather at risk for falls, an arthritic patient who gets significant relief with warm water therapy, women who are pregnant or postpartum as well as many others who would benefit from a medically supervised fitness program.

One of the important distinguishing factors of a medical fitness facility is that our programs are delivered by highly trained and certified staff with medical oversight. Standardized assessment tools are utilized to identify individual medical needs or concerns and help design a validated and safe exercise prescription specifically for that person. Our goal is to help implement a fitness routine that maximizes benefit, is enjoyable, continued lifelong and is safe.

Other goals of these centers are to provide education to the community regarding healthy lifestyles. Also, integrate within UCHealth Medical Fitness to provide seamless continuity of care with an individual’s health care team.

Be sure to look for various activities and events at PVMF this month celebrating Medical Fitness Week at the Windsor gym.


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