Warm Water Therapy Pool

Warm Water Therapy Pool

Are you searching for a way to exercise and stay fit that’s easier on your joints? You need to try a warm water therapy pool. Warm water therapy has many fitness benefits. The biggest benefit is exercise with little impact on your joints. Whether you’re an experienced or beginning swimmer, UCHealth Medical Fitness in Windsor has options for you. MedFit offers a variety of aquatics classes, adult swim times, and open swim times in our warm water therapy pool.

4 Reasons to Try a Warm Water Therapy Pool

Warm water therapy is more than just relaxing in a pool. You can get a great workout in the therapeutic warm waters. Here are some of the many benefits of warm water therapy:

  1. Buoyancy: If you struggle with high-impact workouts, you need to give a warm water therapy pool a try. The principle of buoyancy means that when you are in water, your weight is displaced by the water. At MedFit, our warm salt water therapy pool further decreases the amount of pressure your body feels from weight. That is because salt water is denser than the human body. Bottom line: Your body will feel lighter, and there’s little to no impact on your joints.
  2. Decreased inflammation: The hydrostatic pressure of the water is proven to decrease inflammation and improve circulation. This is especially beneficial for your joints. You will notice less inflammation and greater awareness of joint position. Many people find that daily activities become easier when inflammation is reduced.
  3. Resistance training: Another principle of water with health benefits is viscosity. This means that water is thick and provides resistance to movement. In a regular workout, you have to add resistance with bands and weights. Not in a warm water therapy pool. The environment itself helps you improve mobility and strength while you exercise.
  4. Promotes healing: This is great for those recovering from injuries. The warm water is both mentally and physically relaxing. As your muscles relax and your body increases blood flow to your injury, your body will naturally begin to heal.

What are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits of a warm water therapy pool today. If you’re recovering from an injury or struggling with arthritis, give warm water therapy a try. With MedFit’s variety of classes and open swim opportunities, we know you won’t be disappointed. Our convenient location in Windsor, Colorado, is close to Greeley, Loveland, and Johnstown. Give us a call today to start your complimentary 7-day trial pass.