Yoga Classes Windsor

yoga classes windsor

Are you looking to try yoga but feeling deterred by how expensive classes are? Or maybe you’re already a yogi who’s looking for more affordable classes? Most yoga studios offer great classes, but you’ll also need to pay for a gym membership if you want to include cardio and weight training in your exercise regimen. Many gyms and health clubs offer yoga classes at an additional cost. At UCHealth Medical Fitness, yoga classes are included in membership with no additional fees. No more running around to different facilities or paying extra – you can vary your fitness routine and enjoy yoga classes right here in Windsor at MedFit. Read more in our blog post: Yoga Classes Windsor.

Yoga Classes in Windsor for all Levels

Whether you’ve never so much as attempted a downward dog position, you’re a seasoned expert, or you’re somewhere in the middle, there is a yoga class for you at MedFit. Our three rotating classes offer just the variety our clients need.

Gentle Yoga is the ideal beginner class, but we also recommend it in addition to high-intensity workouts. The focus in this class is flexibility. You’ll be able to learn the poses in a relaxed environment. The relaxation aspect of Gentle Yoga is what makes it a great class to add into your fitness routine. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to take a day off, try alternating Gentle Yoga with lifting days for the stretching and relaxation that your muscles need.

If you’re looking for a hybrid yoga class, Fitness Yoga is the right choice for you. Our instructors break down the traditional poses and progressions into variations that allow for strength training and conditioning. This isn’t your traditional yoga class. You’ll use resistance bands and hand weights to help improve your strength and endurance while improving flexibility.

Yoga Flow is the most traditional yoga class offered at MedFit. As the focus is achieving flow, you’ll be tuned into your breath, posture, and rhythm in movements. Our clients find that they are more flexible and have increased stamina from taking this class. There is always some new way to challenge yourself in class to keep improving.

If you’ve been searching “yoga classes in Windsor,” visit UCHealth Medical Fitness to find out more about membership. You can start your day with Gentle Yoga and then hit the treadmill when your body is warmed up. Or maybe you’ll want to try adding Fitness Yoga into your strength training routine for a different challenge guided by one of our expert instructors. Don’t break the bank on yoga classes at a boutique studio or pay extra at your gym – discover the MedFit difference and try one of our yoga classes today.